Silver Fox Wedding Shep+Liz // Streator, IL

Liz and Shep’s Silver Fox Wedding was drop dead on point. Liz is Erin’s best friend so this wedding was especially meaningful for us. Shep and Liz both have gorgeous old souls; they’re a perfect match. Their wedding mirrored them to a T. The Silver Fox used to be a Masonic temple and is now a retro fitted wedding venue; it’s full of architectural oddities and hidden historic gems. As photographers we get inspired from unique spots so we loved every second of this wedding.

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Silver Fox Wedding Credits:

Photography: Cling & Peck

Videography: Aaron Bean

DJ: Jordan Chapman

Hair Stylist: Manic Trends Hair Salon

Wedding Dress: Sottero and Midgley

Make Up Artist: Manic Trends Hair Salon

Florist: Janet Gallagher

Cake Artist: The Sugar Path Sweets

Pastor: Ian Simpkins

Caterer: Mark Allen’s Catering