Durant House Museum Apple Tasting St. Charles, IL

The Durant house Museum is a living history Museum. It was an actual farmhouse built in 1843. It’s an awesome example of what it was like to live in the Illinois prairie land When I (Daniel) was little I used to volunteer there as a prairie child and give tours to visitors. Erin and I went back this past fall for their apple tasting event. They had quite a variety of heritage apples. 001-durant 002-durant 003-durant 004-durant 005-durant 006-durant 007-durant 008-durant 009-durant 010-durant 011-durant 012-durant 013-durant 014-durant 015-durant 016-durant 017-durant 018-durant 019-durant 020-durant 021-durant 022-durant 023-durant 024-durant 025-durant 026-durant 027-durant 028-durant 029-durant 030-durant 031-durant

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