We’re Daniel and Erin Sather. We’re high school sweethearts, and we shoot weddings together. New friendships, big laughs, awesome light, and exploring God’s creation are what we’re all about.

Jesus, Nutrition, Birth, Singing, Cats, Breakfast, Back To The Future, Sushi, Water-Skiing, Homemaking, Wine, Dark Chocolate, Ireland

Jesus, Downhill Skiing, Cinema, Exploring, Coffee, Technology, Footbag, Birds, Nature, MINI, Cities, LOTR, Chocolate Shakes, Vikings


Do You Travel for weddings?

Yep! We love to travel for weddings.

What kind of cameras do you shoot with?

We primarily shoot with Fuji cameras.

How many weddings have you shot?

Somewhere over 200

How many photos do I receive from my wedding?

Every wedding is different however the average is around 600-900 photos

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we have business insurance through The Hartford

For Video do we get the RAW footage?

Absolutely. You get every single clip we capture in the day delivered on a flash drive

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Credit Card

How long till I receive my Pictures/Video?

We have a 90 day guarantee from the date of your wedding

Are all the pictures I receive edited?

Yes, we edit every picture

Do we have print rights?

Absolutely, you can order prints from our print shop or get prints on your own locally

How do I book you?

Start by filling out our contact form here.